Thursday, 10 June 2010

Art around Cambridge

I’ve been out and about taking photographs of street art in Cambridge (actually I’ve been out looking for fabric, but I took photographs while I was on my travels).

This is under the underpass near the big shopping centre. There are four tunnels in the underpass, and each one has a different theme. This one appears to be ‘things inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry.’

This one seems to be ‘what Cambridge looks like’, and it is very accurate. This is exactly what Cambridge looks like. Miles and miles of small terraced houses. We don’t have smoke coming out of our chimneys any more, though. There are laws about that sort of thing.

And this one is, ‘things that are based on a vision of hell and will give children nightmares’. Look at the face in the corner. Why would you put something scary like that in the underpass, which is a bit scary anyway? If I was a child I would be terrified of this and would refuse to walk past it.

This is the sign on the Paradise Women’s Housing Co-operative. I think that tiger’s trying to bring down the patriarchy through peace, love and flowers. I hope she succeeds, don’t you?

This is the sign on the Mill Road bridge. I find that writing the street art equivalent of Comic Sans MS, although obviously I approve of the sentiment.

This used to be a record shop (I imagine), but it is no longer. It is a Ghostly Sign. There used to be a really nice bit of graffiti just across the road from this which was a girl holding a balloon. It was Banksy-esque but now it is gone, as the shop which owns the building seems to have decided that their corporate branding has more aesthetic value.

And this is graffiti but I don’t know what it says. I hope it isn’t dodgy. It reminds me of those words that you have to copy when you leave a comment on a blog. They almost look like proper words, but not quite.

And I did get some fabric as well - it has a hippo on it! I will take a photo when I've dug it out of my bag.


Picturetalk321 said...

I love this! How did I not find it earlier? I posted about Cambridge street art myself some weeks ago: I cycled to the murals you post and was AMAZED. And I also took photos of the Newmarket Road graffiti project. I love your captions for each picture. :-)