Friday, 4 June 2010

Patchwork Without Commitment

I've had fun today making tiny patchwork cushions to put in the shop.

It was great: it was Patchwork Without Commitment, trying out ideas I might want to make into something bigger one day. And they're brightening up the craft room, sitting there waiting for their openings to be whip stitched, bright little puddles of colour. And I used up some of the scrap bag, which is great: I'd always rather the scrap bag turned in to something nice than got thrown away. (And also, the Scrap Bag does sometimes threaten to overwhelm. In fact sometimes this room feels like one big Scrap Bag with me sitting in the middle trying to stay afloat.)


westmacgregor said...

Those are fabulous! So bright and pretty. I should make something like that to brighten up my bedroom.