Monday, 2 May 2011

Home from Edinburgh

I’ve been away and now I’m back. And I’ve had an idea! But I’m going to do another post tomorrow and do my idea in that one. Today I’m going to bore you with all my photographs and traveller’s tales.

Now, readers, this may be a shock to you as it was to me, but, the UK continues above North Yorkshire. Yes it does! There’s a whole other country up there. I’ve visited it once before when I went to the Isle of Skye which I remember chiefly for its very assertive sheep, but I had never been to a city. Well, now I have been to Edinburgh for my aunt’s 50th birthday (this is not Aunty Kath. I have a lot of relatives. Sometimes Partner turns to me as some remote hill tribe in Afghanistan is discussed on the news and says, very solicitously, and do you think they might be related to you, Susie? He is very sarcastic. I don’t listen).
The angel of the north as seen from the A1. It isn't a real angel. It's made of metal
We saw the Angel of the North on the way up. This is also called the Gateshead Flasher, oh those cynical northerners.
Edinburgh castle
Gosh aren't we high up. Mum and dad keeping an eye on things
We had a look round Edinburgh on the morning of the royal wedding. We didn’t feel we’d missed anything because a woman in the Scottish Parliament gave us a brisk run down on the wedding dress and the dresses of all the major female attendees along with her thoughts on republicanism and the need to discipline children.
Edinburgh is about 375 miles from Cambridge (for those of you in the US, I know this isn’t very far to you!) and even the weather is different. They still had blossom on their trees even though ours dropped off a couple of weeks ago. I notice things like this, I do not pretend to be interesting.
I think the trams run for about 6 feet and then stop and possibly this is not the best possible use for all the money that has been spent
We were plunged right into the centre of a controversy. Edinburgh is having a new tram system and something has gone wrong. I felt I was on familiar territory here, as Cambridge is having a new guided bus system and something has gone wrong. Even the leader of our council now seems to have given up on the guided bus, when questions were last asked, she said, I do not care about the guided bus, frankly I am so over the whole affair and you can all stick it up your collective bums because I am going to the pub. I paraphrase but that is the gist so I hope they are having better luck with their trams in Edinburgh.
Always eat the free biscuit
After the party. Tiaras from Tesco (see hypocrisy in tomorrow’s post), stylish clutch from Ascension, Rowan Studio booklet from Jenners in the centre of Edinburgh which had Bargain Wool Packs. Jenners appears to be a branch of House of Fraser. House of Fraser in England has no bargain wool packs! How can this be fair? Clearly this is what comes with devolution. I am packing my bags!
Always make time for a coffee. View from the coffee shop. On the plus side we got free chocolates, on the minus side a fan blew in dad's ear
Afterwards we called in at Alnwick. This is were the Harry Potter films were set and it is very pretty. If you are ever in the area, there is a wool shop in the centre which had free – yes, you read that correctly – second hand knitting magazines, and also there is Barter Books which is a great big bookshop in the former railway station. It is fantastic! I took one look and began to despair of ever getting my dad out of it but eventually we prised him away from the second hand folio editions and got him home.

I have essentially been asleep since I got back to Cambridge because we were very busy, and also there was a Sausage Incident. I will not go into this in detail, I will only say that the man who was doing breakfasts in the B&B did not understand our accents, and we did not understand his. He was very, very helpful: but a lot of dipthongs were involved, and it resulted in quite a long exchange regarding whether I was anticipating the inclusion in my cooked breakfast of either bacon or beans, and my mother being presented triumphantly with an Unwanted Sausage. I imagine that man is sitting now, perhaps in the very nice back garden, saying to his wife, ‘Goodness me! That woman wasn’t clear at all about whether she wanted bacon or beans! They do have strange accents, don’t they?’, only all the vowels will take half an hour to say. So when I got home and discovered that David Cameron had said socialists have no sense of humour, I thought, well, that’s as maybe, but I’ve just spent the last three days laughing solidly about a sausage. I’m not sure whether that proves his point or blows it out the water.

See you all tomorrow!


Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

I am in awe of you driving that far! We went from West Midlands to Northumberland (a bit past the Angel of the North) and I lost the will to live after York. It took hours!!

Susie said...

Ooo no, I actually didn't drive that far. I went to my parents' (NE Derbyshire) and dad drove from there. It is a bloody long way!

We lost the will to live somewhere around Durham where Edinburgh seemed to start getting further away with every road sign ;-).

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Devolution isn't all it's cracked up to be. We have a House of Frazer here in Belfast, and you couldn't buy a spool of thread in it, let alone Bargain Wool Packs! I feel totally cheated. :(

JacBer said...

A trip down memory lane :-)
Thanks it was great!

Natalie said...

I didn't know about the Angel of the North being called the Gateshead Flasher!
I wonder what Anthony Gormley's thinks of that?

The best story I have about the blossom in Edinburgh, also known as the Windy City with just cause, was when I was travelling on a bus along Princes Street.

Elderly Lady 1: isn't the blossom beautiful?
Elderly Lady 2: aye, such a mess when it all blows off though...

AC said...

The castle looks amazing. We're having train trouble in WI as well, and they can surely shove it up their bums.

Anonymous said...

I love the paraphrasing - I see a regular slot on the Today show - translating the previous days political blithering. I've just passed on a Leibster Blog award thingum on to you in this post
I see I have managed to spell your name completely wrong and am VERY sorry as well as presumptuous. Ahem. Looking forward to the idea - All the best :)

kristieinbc said...

Great pictures! That is odd that the lady talked to you about the need to discipline children. I watched the wedding and was wondering how everyone got their kids to be so well behaved - from the choir boys to the little flower girls.

And I guess there are worse things that can happen when you are traveling than a Sausage Incident. :-)

Susie said...

Ah thank you, dichotomy of! I shall stop by and say thanks!

Princes St, you see, I know where that is now ;-).