Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A story with a moral

I am failing at Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. I am sorry. However just popping up because today an event happened to me which can be made into a Story With A Moral which is worthy of Pinterest so I am sharing it.

I was walking home from work down the street near our house with a ridiculously large number of cats, the bad black cat, Siamese-But-Striped, the cat with the bushy tail who stares, other black cat, nervous tabby grey, lots of cats. (This is not about cats. I'm just remarking). Anyway because it was practically the first sunny day this year I was wearing something different. I was wearing my brown jacket (ebay), grey skirt (Secret Lentil), green cardigan (factory shop), Boden biker boots (ebay), and various printed Uniqlo items whereas previously I have been wearing my camel duffel, bright blue Ugg boots bought for me by mum, and with my Ipod in my ears, shivering and looking a bit miserable. I was walking along when a woman on a bike who I did not think I had seen before came round the corner towards me and I moved to the side. As she came up to me she beamed at me and said, 'but no bright blue boots today! And I love those boots! They are my favourites!' and then she beamed again. I smiled too and said thank you and we both went on our ways.

I do not need to spell out the moral of this but I will do anyway because I am pedantic and literal. I did not remember ever seeing that nice woman before and yet she had been watching me and admiring my boots! So the moral is, you do not know when you are brightening up someone's day. You just do not know. Even when you are wandering along looking like Paddington on Valium with Dolly Parton in your ears you may be cheering someone up. Is that a cheering thought? It is a cheering thought if it is a nice smiley woman on a bike. Not if it's a stalker.


The Foggy Knitter said...

I don't think it's worthy of Pinterest, it's better, because it's not twee, incorrectly attributed or guilt inducing (that last one might just be me, but most of these "let go of all the bad stuff, be positive" things that make it sound so easy make me feel really guilty).

That's lovely, I think blue boots would cheer me up too.

Tanya said...

oh that would have made my day!

The only experience i had was a guy riding past me on my bike came back because he liked my canary yellow dyed hair with about an inch of regrowth. he asked me out for a coffee and i was never so freaked out in my life. I was 15.

Luna LaFae said...

I love the random comraderie that forms between strangers when we aren't even looking!

kristieinbc said...

This was lovely. Count me in with the woman who was admiring your boots, because you have made me smile as well. :-)

Erica said...

Your posts make my day, does that count? Really, though, blue is my favorite color, so blue boots would cheer me up as well!