Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I made a shawl

So, I posted a bit ago about how I'm in a bit of a rut, knitting-wise. And what's the solution to a knitting rut?
Sekku. Thick-thin. Spun from special, mean, rough sheep
Crochet, obvs, lol etc.

I would have left the brown out of this colourway if it had been me
Partner loves shawls (!) and is fascinated by this and its 'nice subtle colours', but then Partner is so colourblind he thinks dogs are green, so I don't necessarily engage. What I think is this: sod the colours, because, Noro Sekku is even worse being crocheted than it is being knitted. Worse! Let me emphasise that for you! I had to untangle myself every few stitches with this because the Sekku kept winding back on itself and knotting. It was awful. I mean, it was first-world-problem awful rather than actually awful, but it was still irritating.
No, I don't know why I decided just to stick it on top of the noro scarf. Look how cool and casual I am! Look how much noro of various weights I can process without stabbing people!
This is the pattern on Ravelry. I have the capacity for following crochet patterns of a disgruntled and slightly thick sealion with attention span issues, and I can promise you that even if you are the same, you will be able to follow this one. I say that to you because you may be thinking, why pay for a pattern which is just half a granny square with a scalloped border, and I can understand that point of view. However, this pattern is clearly written, I am happy with it, and look, I managed to produce something and will probably use the pattern again. I'm crocheting something else now. You see, I'm on a roll. Possibly. I won't actually get excited until I've finished it.


The Foggy Knitter said...

I've heard that again about Sekku, which is a pity because the results are beautiful, enjoy the shawl now you have triumphed.

Vivianne said...

A pretty shawl :) But would be prettier in not Noro ...lol