Monday, 8 April 2013

Yarn Bombing, reprise

After my previous post about yarn bombing, I just wanted to do another post and show you because thrillingly some more has sprung up! Near my house!
It's the farm shop where I buy my potatoes! £1 a bag! And if you walk just to the side of the Waterman it brings you to the river
Vanessa left me a comment on my previous post which brought up the possibility of yarn bombing not being quite so attractive when it had been there for a while and been rained on etc, which I think we can all see the truth in. So, as this particular yarn bomb is quite close by, I shall probably end up keeping an eye on it by default, and I shall let you know if in three months' time I have quite changed my opinion. I must say, the one thing I do worry about with yarn bombing is whether it is good for trees to be covered in yarn. Does it interfere with photosynthesis? Does it stop them growing? I do not have GCSE biology and I cannot tell.
I can't tell if that's a bit of bias stocking stitch at the top there
In the meantime, however, valid concerns aside, I thought it cheered up a relatively unglamorous area of Cambridge. Granny squares on trees! (Note the interesting use of what appears to be a bin liner...)
Hmm, shall we go to the Cambridge Classical Concert Series or Spot's Birthday Party?
Knitted stripes round the council noticeboard! I particularly like how you can see the nice bright red tree in the background.

I walked a friend of mine past these trees to show them to him and he said he had already walked past them once on his way to meet me and had never even noticed them. He pretended he could tell the difference between crochet and knitting (because this yarn bombing installation cleverly combines the two and I wished to use it as a teaching tool), but I think that was just to get me to be quiet as it was very cold and he wanted to get to the car. However, this has raised with me the prospect of there being people in this world who wander about not noticing the strange things you notice if you have a blog and take a camera with you habitually (or, if you do not have a blog but just walk about observing as I do sometimes).
Dustbin art! We sometimes have impromptu dustbin art in Cambridge. It is because our dustbins are so huge. I must start documenting
Perhaps these people do not notice things like sudden random dustbin-based art projects outside the local Catholic Church. What a world they must live in.
When walking past a fence be sure to slink your tail round it seductively. Pussycats: every move straight from burlesque
Perhaps they do not notice when they are accompanied part of the way into town by a creature affecting careful nonchalance.
The thing is, how do they know this cat was not just walking along? In a sense I find them all the time! Should I be making posters??
Perhaps they do not notice strange homemade notices in bus shelters which speak poignantly of a world of inconvenience. No-one is going to claim that cat, notice writer, I am sorry. It is yours now...


The Foggy Knitter said...

It's good going around noticing things and it means we get to see them too. Lovely cat.

I think I prefer the yarn bombed notice board to the trees, because we know it can do the notice board no harm, even if we aren't sure about trees.

P.S. Photosynthesis takes place in leaves, we studied it endlessly at school...

Susie said...

I should know that about the leaves. {slinks off shamefully}

Kathleen said...

I'm so jealous of the events on your community board. And I would absolutely go to Spot's Birthday Party (maybe go see Suggs as well if there's no scheduling conflict).

Anonymous said...

The expression on that cat had me laughing out loud.He looks like someone grabbed him while out for a stroll. But then hey! Kibble to eat!

Susie said...

I'm worried that cat wasn't actually lost. I wonder if the kindhearted people who made that poster aren't entirely aware of the Ubiquitous Cat Situation...

Sarah said...

So cool.

These types of things have been springing up all over around my town.

Someone recently did a monster in aid for the summer games, was on the national news.