Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nice Stuff on Sunday

So, having bothered you all yesterday with my incipient communist leanings which may or may not be hypocritical in a woman with a veg box and a yoga studio membership, today I just wanted to show you a couple of really nice shops I found on etsy while I was poking about looking for Stuff. (I think I started off doing Nice Stuff on Monday: I've moved it to Sunday. Minutiae like this only bothers me and not you, I do understand).
Gnomes lavender bag! Gnomes are the best! I doubt gnomes smell of lavender but here they do!
The first one is Ceridwen Hazelchild designs - you can look at her etsy shop here, her facebook, her twitter, and her blog.
Typewriter illustration pocket mirror. Never go anywhere with lipstick on your teeth
She does bags and various accessories printed with the most beautiful illustrations. I do think the word vintage is overused, but I'm going to use it ;-). They have a kind of quiet, detailed, careful, vintage-y vibe. They just look very British to me, I don't know if you get that feeling.
Hedgehog tote bag, owls and foxes and badgers also available. Let me tell you about our wildlife: three black squirrels and a bad ginger cat from a few doors down
I particularly love the wildlife illustrations. Aren't they pretty? Anyway do have a look at her shop because she has some really lovely things and if you are like me you always need another cloth tote bag for when you are buying your lentils at the local Wholefood Co-operative.

I also wanted to show you Designed By Jane, who makes really, really beautiful embroidered felt pieces (and also if you look at her etsy at the moment she has some on sale).
Marrakech felt brooch
I came across her work on flickr while I was thinking about colour combinations for a blanket I may or many not crochet in the future. After the one I'm finishing at the moment (which I'll show you at some point!) I'm going to try and get away from the 'throw all the colours into the middle of the room and use whichever one gets entangled round your crochet hook first' kind of method which I use currently.
Tree brooch with freeform embroidery

I love the geometric, abstract nature designs
Scandinavian bird brooch
And I love this little bird and his Scandinavian design. I just think these are all really pretty.

I have a real thing about jewellery made from non-traditional materials and I think the idea of felt brooches is great. Also I think the whole thing reminds me of Fuzzy Felts, but, Fuzzy Felts reinvented in a marvellously sophisticated way. So go and have a look at Jane's shop, because she really has many more things (including owls! I love owls despite Alan Partridge), and her blog, and be inspired.


One more thing very quickly - guess what it is in a fortnight hey hey hey?

It's the fourth annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! (starting on 22nd April), and if you have a look at the blog of the lovely Eskimimi you'll be able to see a list of topics etc and get planning. You don't have to do all the days (I suspect I won't manage all of them, indeed I'm slightly nervous of the thought of an infographic) but just see if any of them grab you. It'll be fun! I'm glad to be able to participate as I didn't have the time last year.

Have a lovely Sunday!