Friday, 5 November 2010

Card swap - signups closed

Just a quick post to say, sign ups are now closed on the card swap - thanks to everyone who's signed up, I'm thrilled to have so many people! I'll be collating this weekend and getting back to everyone with the address of the person to send to (and I'll be drawing a winner for the lavender bags, yay).

And as a completely random side issue. I have been looking on ebay today for some brogues which are leather, preferably handmade in Italy, start at 99p and have no bids and am not finding any, strangely enough. However I do have this piece of advice for ebay sellers: just because you bought it in Top Shop as long ago as January, that doesn't make it vintage. Sorry. The world's a hard place, I know.


Mrs Bent said...

Thank you so much for orginising this card swap, it has really pushed me into action and I now have a lovely stack of 19 cards finished and filled out for friends and family and 1 waiting for a receiver, which I doubt would have happened overwise :)

Marushka C. said...

I'm looking forward to the card swap. Congratulations on your piece in Bespoke, that's terrific!