Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pictures: Textures in Cambridge

A wooden gate opposite the Old Schools, where youth, hope and principles are all devoured. There is a novel to be written about the Old Schools, but I do hope I don't have to write it. (I have thought of a plot since you ask, yes, thank you. I could not help it).

Cobbles on a street behind Clare College. Someone's carrier bag in the corner compromising my Art.

I think this was on Gonville & Caius. (You pronounce Caius 'Keys'. That's just to make you look daft if you don't know. I can't think of any other reason, although if anyone wants to tell me anything about Old French derivations or something I will try to be interested).


Anonymous said...

Keys! You think it's pronounced keys! And you from round here! Key-uhs it is, or better still, k-ous. (Caius, saint and pope died a d 296. As for Gonville, God knows) Interesting? I nearly went to sleep looking for it.