Thursday, 4 November 2010

Making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folks leave behind

The wheel of the year has turned (says she ponderously).
It isn't cold here yet, but it was very windy today. The poor ducks. Buffeted
Now, I have to confess that I always lose track of what the God and the Goddess are supposed to be doing on the various Sabbats. I do. I can’t keep up. Is he dead? Is he leading the wild hunt in the underworld? Are we on Goddess-as-Crone? I can never remember. I am a rubbish Wiccan.
Strange and Random Cambridge Graffiti strikes again
One thing I am sure about, though, that I’m sure chimes in with all our experiences of this time of year, is that it is a time for getting rid of old things. It is a time for endings, and decline, and rest. I don’t mean this in a depressing way, I mean it in a ‘gathering resources in order to come back stronger’ way. We all need a time to dream, and plan, and incubate, don’t we? Well, this is the time of year to do it.
The carving of this pumpkin is actually quite rubbish. I would go so far as to say it looks pornographic
I kept noticing discarded things while I was walking through Cambridge earlier today. A carved pumpkin, out of its time, waiting to be taken in and composted.
Somewhere here there is a metaphor for something or other. Do feel free to supply your own
And flowers in the gutter. If there is one thing that annoys me in life, actually, it is people who pull heads off flowers and then throw them away. I think they progress onto putting cats in dustbins and then become serial killers. That is what I think of such people. Today, flowerheads, tomorrow mugshots in the News Of The World. Beware!
 I always think it's best to make sure a Gonk oversees patchwork. Just in case
So when I came back, thinking about throwing things away (or not), I laid out my tiny quilt squares to sew. I cut these out before the frantic craft fair preparations. They are 2.5” square, and I made them from the Scraps in my Scrap Bag. I am starting to feel slightly oppressed by my scrap bag. This is the thing: however small the scrap is, however droopy and pathetic and funny shaped, I can find a use for it. Where will it all end? When can I just throw things away with a good conscience? Perhaps I should take advantage of this time of letting go to let go some of the scraps in the scrap bag. I cannot be a Fabric Womble forever. (The quilt is going to be tiny – about 25” x 25” – and it’s going to hang on the wall to cover up our other fireplace, which also needs sorting out. I know this is the coward’s way out. I will engage with builders next year).

My Fabric Wombling is having a bit of a boost, though. I bought a box of silk scraps from Mountain Heirlooms on etsy earlier. I can’t wait till it gets here. I’m already imagining skirts and bags. I wonder why scrappy bits of fabric are so much more exciting than proper yards? Perhaps it’s just me!


Moomin Mamma said...

I'm fairly sure we're on to the Crone and her aged Consort - who I totally picture as a doddery old couple with blankets wrapped around their shoulders, and those funny tartan slippers that old people wear.
I also have the 'Wombles' theme stuck in my head now!

Anonymous said...

im the same will wool.. im much better with: 'this is what I have, what shall i make?' thana blank canvans, to think of what to buy to start a project.