Sunday, 14 November 2010

Oh. My. Goodness

OK, now don't be too alarmed. But there's been a kidnapping. And I've been emailed a ransom note.

These toys are being held hostage in the loft at No £$.*
Ransom required, one christmas card idea.


*[I have blanked out my mother’s house number here so she doesn’t worry about burglars].
How many cuddly tortoises have you seen before? Me = none
Well, this is just terrible, because obviously these toys have quite a lot of sentimental value. Because I made them myself, when I was very young. And I think it took quite a lot of skill to make the panda look quite that camp. And the hedgehog you can see on the left of the picture is actually a mascot my Aunty Kath bought me for when I was doing my finals, and I used to take him along to all my exams hidden in my mortar board (I had to wear full sub fusc for my exams. Don’t get me started). I think I had the biggest mascot in the Exam Schools. Everyone else had small sophisticated objects from countries they’d visited in their gap year. Well, I have, actually, worried about Mr Hedgehog’s whereabouts over the years, so I am delighted to see he has popped up again – but in captivity! Oh no!

Anyway, I have been looking for card ideas, and I'm not quite there yet. I found this idea for a Christmas zine on the Post Punk Kitchen, which I thought was a nice idea – incorporating a recipe into a card. And I love the look of paper cutting, although I’m not sure I could pull (a simple version of) it off (ditto lino printing). So I’m not sure I'm quite in a position to get Hedgehog, Panda, Seal et al (Seal is stuffed with foam chips – he’s hard as a rock! He can look after himself) out of their hostage situation yet - make sure you treat them well, cruel kidnapper! I do keep seeing on blogs and things that other people are doing well with the whole card swap situation, though – well done everyone, keep at it, and I shall continue looking for inspiration and report back (and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s – I’m quite fascinated!).

(You know what would be lovely, actually? Making biscuits and icing them as Christmas cards. Not for a card swap or posting, obviously, but for people you give them to in person. Because there is no situation that isn't improved by a biscuit!).


resa said...

Excepting the swap I think I'm going to go the 'here, eat this' route. Because Christmas cards! What was I thinking? It's been a long running eye-roll from my mother that I'm the worst card giver in the entire universe. She swears that she did her best to instill the importance of mailing things to family members to prove that you remember them and might like them but I can't seem to manage it.

And linoleum prints are dead easy, I promise. Especially with the magic of photo editing software that will up the contrast so you can easily see if the negative space will be carve-able. At their simplest they're about one step up from potato stamps. I'm a firm believer in 'if I can manage it, anyone can,' so don't be intimidated by them.

Mrs Bent said...

I can't believe you made some of those toys, I love the teddy and badger :)

mooncalf said...

Did you see this article on Rob Ryan (the paper cutting artist) in The Guardian?

There's a short how-to at the bottom of the page.

Marushka C. said...

I am in awe of those toys! I hope you are attending to their ransom.

Emma said...

I love the little penguin!

P.S. I am loving for Christmas ideas!

Susie said...

Thank you for the links (+ encouragement!), everyone, I shall have a look :-).

Amy said...

I have had an idea for a bit. I tried it, but did not like it. Then, on to something else similar. Now, I am off and ready to go with my idea. Yay!