Thursday, 25 November 2010

Silk Scarves

Well, it continues cold here, cold and bright. I swear I feel the cold more than other people. I’m not going to say ‘God I’m bloody cold’ in every blog entry between now and April but I’m afraid I’m going to be thinking it. I won’t say it though, I do accept that might be a bit boring. God, I’m cold! OK, it’s out of my system now.
It's like living in a picture postcard, and then I wander past in my Parka and spoil it
It’s been windy as well.
What do you want in circumstances like this? Brandy. No. What you want is a lovely scarf. So I have been making scarves from the tie silk, and I must say, I’m rather pleased with them.
Silk. Thick and lovely
What I couldn’t capture in the photo is quite how nice and thick the silk is. Because it’s so thick, the scarves hang really nicely. They’re Statement Scarves. They're the kind of scarves you imagine a louche aristocrat wearing to the opera or to oppress somebody, in fact if you have heard Edith Piaf's Milord (lyrics in French, the English version seems completely different, sorry) I think he is actually wearing one in that ('foulard de soie'). I’m really enjoying making them.
And again the standard disclaimer: Must Trim Threads
The only drawback (and this is a drawback for me, not for the scarves) is, the silk frays and leaves threads everywhere, so all our carpets are covered in threads and I have to keep hoovering it up. Partner in particular has become covered in threads. I’m not quite sure how, but he’s like a great big bit of Velcro and if he walks past a bit of silk it attaches itself to him. So I’m following him round subtly plucking bits of thread off his back, because if he catches me he goes off into a Thread Rant. (‘This entire house is covered in thread! Thread! All over this carpet! Thread! Everywhere!').
And now we've had the fire done I can take photos in front of it. That wasn't why I did it. It kind of was
But I don’t care, because I love this silk and I’m going to keep going with more scarves until I run out of big enough bits. Threads be damned! Ha.


Moomin Mamma said...

Wait!! You still have conkers on the trees?!
Craziness, ours have been bare for over three weeks, we've had snow and there's more on the way!

Denise said...

I'm feeling the cold more after spending the summer in the desert. Are conkers the same as US chestnuts.

I love your scarves. They look quite luxurious.

When I quilt, I've had threads all over the house as well. I'm spinning currently and the stray hairs from that add to the mounting fur shed by 7 furkids.

Marushka C. said...

How can he complain about threads when you are creating such beauty and he is lucky enough to get to live with you & the many lovely things you make? Hmmph. (Sorry, I've been hearing about snips of yarn and little wool scraps floating around the living room at our house... like it's a problem or something.)

Mrs Bent said...

Those scarves are just beutiful :)

Artygal/Lalheg said...

Beautiful scarves and well worth the thread monsters!

No idea why it should concern me so much, but are those trees conkers or London Planes?

And the word verification just wanted me to write butoidia - sounded like a pile cream!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarves. I love them!!

Susie said...

Aww, thank you everybody! :-). And Marushka you are quite right. Threads unite!

Conkers. I think they are the same as US chestnuts although conkers you can't eat and chestnuts you can. Artygal, gosh, no idea. It is freezing here now though so whatever they are I think we have seen the last of them for this year!