Thursday, 11 November 2010

Silk, glorious silk, tomorrow's interview and a Keith update

Occasionally you buy something and you think, hmm, I'm not sure I should have bought that, I think it might have been a mistake. I have been eyeing up the box of silk offcuts from Mountain Heirlooms on etsy for ever, but have always been put off by the size of the postage charge (I'm not suggesting Mountain Heirlooms is overcharging for postage, she definitely isn't. It just costs a lot to send from the US to the UK once you get above a certain size/ weight, and I don't think you can get round it). Anyway, last week I took the plunge, and I thought, well, it certainly looks good, I hope it's worth it. My box came today
Gosh what treasures lurk within
and it's quite phenomenal. Phenomenal! I opened it up, and it was absolutely stuffed completely full of silk scraps. Really decent sizes
Ahahaha, look at the quality of the weaving
with some big enough to patchwork together for a tie skirt, and lots to cut squares for a bag from. And the colours!
Paisley = top pattern Evah
Beautiful. And the quality of the silk is fantastic – thick, woven brocades. Some of them are as beautiful on the wrong side as on the right. I can't wait to cut into it and make something. All the silk is beautiful, but I think the paisleys are especially lovely. I am very pleased I bought it. Thank you, Mountain Heirlooms! And for those of you in the US, get off and buy one now, because postage is much cheaper for you and you won't have to go through quite the moral agonies I did. Don't buy them all up, though, because I am saving up for another.

I have an interview tomorrow. Hooray! I hope you've been missing my interviews ;-).  It's with Jodie, from Reiki With Jodie, who is the person I go to see for reiki treatments and who did my level one initiation. As the Beatles had the Maharishi, so I have Jodie, she is my spiritual guru and also I suspect she is more fun than the Maharishi was (and is not highly sketchy). Anyway I have been to see her today and take photographs of her new treatment room, and I will be posting the interview tomorrow, so do come and have a look, you will be very welcome. In other news, you may remember Keith, on whom I cut my interviewing teeth and by God what a cut it was. His music is now available for download on emusic, I-Tunes, Spotify, Napster, Amazon MP3 and Thumbplay, and what's more he has moved his website to a domain I have a fighting chance of remembering and has added an updates facility. Note, we are not calling this a blog: it is an updates facility. Keith's music is very, very good; innovative and challenging. When you have had enough of watching Wagner on the x-factor you may wish to put down your cup of tea, lay aside the remote, and fire up Spotify for something different. Even I like listening to Keith's music, and as a general rule I think music without lyrics is like a jam sandwich without the jam, so you know, have a go.

I think I heard a toilet flush. Can it be? {Slinks off to investigate}.


Marushka C. said...

Those silk pieces are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you make with your new treasures.