Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Things through the post (not bills).

My copy of Bespoke, a new zine about all things handmade, came in the post.
I'm on page 15. You rush on over and buy it. Family who can't do paypal, ask me nicely
I have a small piece in it, so that was exciting to see, and it’s a good read as well, and very prettily put together (I love zines – I used to collect them, but then I got a bit tired of doing battle with etsy’s search engine. People, if it isn’t a zine, please don’t tag it as a flaming zine. Anyway, If anyone makes zines or knows of any, do leave me a comment and let me know, and I’ll have a look. I also used to collect feminist comics until the main shop I bought them from in London went all corporate and stopped stocking them. Until then, I disturbed many a commuter on the train back to Cambridge by whipping out my copy of Dyke’s Delight and competing for room with all the Telegraphs. It has actually just occurred to me that I subconsciously bought my biker jacket solely because of the one worn by Auntie Studs, who is by Kate Charlesworth and featured rather heavily. What does that say about my fashion references, huh? It’s a good job I was never a Superwoman fan).

I also received something else. A letter from Julie at The Letter Writing Revolution! I am thrilled, and I am going to write back. The paper she used was beautiful,
Do you see how I captured a shadow with my small battered camera? Mad propz to me, I believe
And naturally, this got me to thinking about nice writing paper. So I had a look round on etsy and I found some nice paper which I thought I would show you. Because who knows, blog readers, some of you may have some disposable income, not that I am jealous, especially because I am once more selling my life on ebay and may soon have disposable income again myself. You’d actually be surprised how vintage clothing holds its value. I’m starting to think my addiction to it is actually quite practical. Perhaps I should buy more, as it’s clearly just the same as investing in an ISA. Hmm. Anyway! On with the paper.
It's little houses. Isn't that clever?
This is a stationery set ( by mandygerth. It’s a set of paper and envelopes and it’s all recycled, hooray! The illustration is of two houses, one putting down roots and one giving out a green shoot. I thought this was lovely.
This is a notecard ( by happyharpy. It’s a print of an original illustration (by happyharpy) – the eyes are unicyclists. Isn’t that cool? (I thought it was referencing the scene from A Clockwork Orange, which is why I looked closer!).  I also like the Beset By Demons ( notecard. I’m pleased to see that finally notecards are being made which are appropriate to the actual situations I find myself in.

And finally, a set of retro graphic notecards( from a UK seller, digtheearth – I thought these were really nice (digtheearth has some rather nice prints as well, if you’re interested), and again, using recycled materials.

Thanks again to everyone who’s signed up for my handmade Christmas/ Yule/ whatever swap so far, and remember I’m closing sign ups this Friday, after which I’ll tell everybody their swap partner. Hooray! So if anyone still wants to sign up, here it is, and if anyone has signed up but not sent me their postal address, get it sent to me at uselessbeautydesigns [at] (although, don’t think I can’t hunt you down. I can. I’m very cunning ;-) ).


Julie said...

Oh, lovely to see the card I wrote to you here on your cool that it travelled all the way there.
Thanks for the mention and I look forward to hearing from you!! I LOVE the stationery pictured above with the houses. Absolutely love it!!!